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“BOUS OU” is a global financial technology (fintech) company built on the premise that low cost, far-reaching digital solutions hold the key to reach out to the 1.7 billion people worldwide and achieve contribute to financial inclusion. Our goal is to make it possible for citizens and businesses wherever they are located to pay with a single mobile payment account or card as easily and conveniently as possible Bous OU’s goal is to contribute to harmonized payments while supporting competitiveness and innovation. With COVID now a major factor in changing the public’s way of conducting business, Bous OU will strive to be a reliable partner who supports you in your projects. “BOUS OU” is Positive – Bous OU is Dynamic, Bous OU is competitive, Bous OU is Flexible, and responsive.

More than a wallet, Bous OU is a new way to live in style while managing your finances securely


Our goal is to be the most reliable and innovative provider in the payment industry and to offer outstanding solutions to our valued customers in all our markets. “BOUS OU” always acts according to its values ​​and principles.


In our changing world, our customers want a responsible, trustworthy, and agile partner. As a team, we will strive to meet their needs with a customer centric service-minded approach enhanced by the diverse experienced team with extensive knowledge of all of aspect of the payment service business. We will work very to be recognized as a relationship-focused Mobile Money partner and work with our customers the way we want to work with one another: by listening, building together, valuing contributions, and being united in both our successes and challenges


We plan to make every effort to constantly improve our customers’ experience by working together with them to adapt our solutions, practices, and relationships to tomorrow’s requirements, particularly by leveraging technological innovation. In keeping with the entrepreneurial spirit that drives our organization, we will constantly adjust our ways of working by promoting sharing, experimentation and out of the box thinking. Our goal is to everyday learn from our successes and our failures equally.


We effectively contribute to the economic, social, and sustainable environmental development of the communities in which we operate.
We pledge to help our customers fulfill their projects’ potential, while staying focus on associated risks in all their aspects. Our adopted code of ethic compels pour team and business partners to rapidly satisfy our customers’ needs while protecting the long-term interest of all stakeholders and strictly complying with the rules of the payment processing business. Our responsibility can also be seen in our commitment to always be accountable for our actions, our decisions and to always operate business transparently. Finally, it means attaching as much importance to the way we achieve results as we do to the results themselves.


Build and Propose to our clients, innovative mobile financial solutions. Develop an enduring and steady customer-focused Payment Service to facilitate access to open banking services to unbanked customers, propose local and international remittances and offer bill payment services.


Our team pledges to ensure that individuals and businesses have access to useful and affordable financial products and services that meet their needs. By this, we mean transactions, payments, savings, credit, and insurance.
Our pledge is to deliver these services responsibly, in a sustainable manner and become our customer’s most reliable partner.


We have adopted industry standard Operating Procedures as well as internal rules and ethics to secure our customers’ and partners’ daily transactions as well as their long-term projects.


Proactively offering high value-added solutions to banked and unbanked populations that are tailored to meet their immediate needs as well as their aspirations.


“BOUS OU” is a rich, flexible and adaptable Cash Application that offers transactional and financial services. “BOUS OU” is directed to all without restriction of revenues, without discrimination or hidden charges. Once downloaded, “BOUS OU”’s App services are available at your fingertips 24/7. “BOUS OU” is the Mobile Wallet for all your Mobile Payments and Remittances Services

“BOUS OU” offers multiple types of services:

Transactional services

Through its services, BOUS OU will support you in each of your daily transactions and financial needs with best-in-class application SIMPLE – SECURE – CUSTOMER FRIENDLY. With just one click on our
mobile application or a visit to one of our authorized agents. Get access to the following services can be obtained:
  • Money deposit / Withdrawal Cash in & Cash out services)
  • International and local money transfers
  • Bills payment – Airtime Top -up – DTH and Internet Service
  • Payment Request
  • Consortium Saving (Get together with your friend, co-workers regardless of their location create a consortium and schedule payment time for each participant)
  • Airtime top up
  • Purchase your travel ticket from your phone
  • Crypto transaction
  • Virtual and physical prepaid card services

Services to companies / Business services

Through this offer, organizations can simplify their financial flows in a convenient manner. “BOUS OU” Business is offered in 3 forms:
  • Mass payment which includes salary payments, premiums, advance payment, and various charges that organizations often pay via cash or cheque.
  • Cash flows
  • The “BOUS OU” Invoice
  • Accept all type of payments with a BOUS OU issued POS, m-POS or Cash register


How to become “BOUS OU” Client?

Live a positive life by becoming a “BOUS OU” client and enjoy reliable and efficient offers. Kindly visit one of “BOUS OU” agents with your Mobile Phone and your ID (valid passport, ID card, consular card)

How to become “BOUS OU” Agent?

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